What to Wear

I get many questions from clients worried about what they should wear.  And trust me, I know it's a daunting task outfitting a whole family for photos (it took me 3+ hours and multiple shopping trips to decide for my own family!).  So below, you will find some tips on what I tend to think works best. 

Please note, these are only suggestions ... you are welcome to wear whatever you would like to your session.  I think this ranks right up there with home decorating, where everyone has their own specific tastes. One person might love bold, bright colors and another feels best in black or natural tones.  I don't think you can really go wrong, it just comes down to what pleases your eye the most.

Outdoor Photos:
My first tip is to go online and do a Google image search for "family photos".  You will be bombarded with different options (this is also a great way to find poses you might like to try).  Take note of what you like the most ... what color combinations, what shades of colors, etc. 

Secondly, start with one person in your family. Is there a certain item you definitely want them wearing (ie. a favorite sweater, a great color shirt, mom's favorite scarf)?  Then build everything else around that. 

Lastly, you want to coordinate ... not match.  Do not be afraid to mix colors and patterns.  And layers are always great!   Pick 2-3 main colors to pull everyone's outfits together, and then add one pop of color.  For instance: greys/whites/blues plus a pop of yellow or browns/creams/blues plus a pop of red.  


Quick Tips:

  • Avoid fluorescent colors - they tend to cast unflattering colors on your skin
  • Don't wear a lot of green if you're planning on an outdoor/nature shoot -  you want to stand out among your surroundings
  • Make sure you are comfortable and feel great!
  • Your kids clothes should fit well.  Baggy clothing can look sloppy, while snug, well-fitting clothes give a tailored, put together feel.
  • Dress for the situation and for the weather.
  • Don't forget about the shoes!  You will most likely see them in some of your shots, so make sure they make sense.  They're a great way to add some personality as well.  And I always love bare feet!

Newborn Studio Photos:
To me, this could be the exception to the rule. I personally love to keep it simple, light and airy for a studio shoot, especially one that include a baby. I like the focus to stay on the faces.  If you or your other children would like to be in some of the newborn photos, I would stick with neutrals such a white, grey, brown and black or light pastels for younger siblings.  

I think your clothing is a great way to let your personality shine.  As you'll see in the examples below, these families didn't hold back and their photos really pop because of it. 


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